Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jonnie's work

Concerning Jonnie's job at Chapman's Icecream factory...
Since the factory burnt down on the 4th of September, many changes have come and gone with where and when Jonnie had to be at work. We all thought that the employees were going to get a few months off work till they rebuilt a new factory, but that was not to be. The employers quickly found an alturnative factory to work in. They also had other jobs that were needed to be looked after.
So they, thankfully, gave Jonnie a week at home with me and Elliot after the birth, but then quickly snatched him away again from us. They had him working for two weeks, six hours a day guarding their scrap metal from the burnt factory in a junk yard 20 minutes away. That was a little difficult, but at least we had my mom here to help out and keep us company, while Daddy(Jonnie) was gone.
But then the most unwanted happened... They decided to send Jonnie away for five days straight to a town two hours from here to work in the factory down there. That was a hard week, being by myself with a little one. We spent the week with Nia and Papa Ducommun though and that made it a lot easier. Then the next week he was sent away again only for four days, but was still very long for us. We decided to stay stick it out at home this time. And then he had to go away again. This time I couldn't handle it very well being home by myself and really noone to talk to. Jonnie and me got to talk for a couple hours on skype, but it just isn't the same, and I missed him so much.
This week, they got two lines set up in the dry warehouse in Markdale. (The dry warehouse is close to but far enough away from the old factory to not get touched by the fire.) So they have Jonnie working as helper again on one of the afternoon shifts. We are so thankfully to be able to have Daddy back home every night.
We will see how things progress over the next couple of weeks, but hopefully his time down at Stoney Creek is come to an end!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy 22nd Birthday, Baby!!

Today you turn another year, My Husband, My Lover, My friend...
This time last year we celebrated your birthday too,
but things have happened and we have grown closer together.
We have experienced many things as another passed.
We have grown one year older in a deep love that comtinues to grow bigger and wider as the days go by.
I love you so much, and am enjoying each and every single minute of growing older with you. Time is flying past, and next we'll know we will be rocking back and forth in our rockers remembering all the times we have had together over these years together. :)That is is you don't stick me in a loney home before then!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our 1st Anniversary

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, my love!!! The card I have for you says everything I feel inside for you, on such a special occation in our lives. I love you sooo very much! Your Gurl Forever XO XO XO
One year already, wow, where has the time gone??
We had a great day together... Jonnie had to work today, but when he got home we walked into our kitchen and my mom had our table set up nicely with a candle & a couple flowers and had cooked a favorite of ours! It was quite yummy. Afterwards we went out for some coffee and a little bit of time together just us, since it had been 13 days since our precious little one had joined us. When we came home we were even able to watch a movie together. Thank you Mommy for helping us have a wonderful evening together!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

We Are Now A Little Family!!

This is our little family at Inglis Falls three days ago. We took my mom to see the pretty waterfall and to see how it would look with all the leaves changing. There was hardly any water and no leaf had changed, but it was still beautiful.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jonnie's Work Burns Down!!

Front of the factory early off in the blaze.
Back of the factory.
The factory is somewhere in the middle of all the smoke.

Where the freezer room used to be.

This is where the fire started. A spark from a welder's torch started it.

The lunch room and locker rooms used to be here.

This used to be the 2Lt production room on the ground floor and offices on the second.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

38 1/2 Weeks...

This is 37 weeks-topish view
37 week pointed belly

38 weeks, not so pointed...

Wow! It's just over one week now till our due date! This pregnancy has gone by so fast, especially this last month and a half. Winter was long, but when summer finally came around, time has jsut taken off. My mom will be joining us in two weeks. It will be so nice having her here. It's nearly been a year since I have seen her, and will be a year since Jonnie saw her. She hasn't seen our home, nor met our precious kitties, so I am excited to show her around! She has been to Canada 9 years ago, but not up near Durham. So we will have some fun going to Timmy's and seeing around where Jonnie grew up and where we have been living the last year.

As for the pregnancy itself... going great still. I have had to frequent the bathroom more the last week or so, which has not been fun, but shows that birth is nearing. Last Thursday, we had our home visit with our primery midwife, Jane, actually in the middle of the tornado four blocks from our home. The power was out, so we talked over candle light. She was able to discuss with us what would happen if we did have an emergency at home and the stretcher people would need to come, how that would all work out in our home. And also explain the water birth and what would go with that and where would be the best place to have the little pool. It was great to be able to over all that at where we are planning on having him and kind of seeing how it would play out.
Then last Saturday Jonnie and me had the oportunity to go to a prenatal class which lasted from 9AM-4PM. Our butts and backs were quite sore, but we got to meet other pregnant couples and hear their stories and learn a little more about the labour itself. Jane was the one doing the class, so it was good to hang out with her for a few hours, kind of getting to know her a little better just through her sharing about labour and questions. That will have been my forth time to spend with her and Jonnie's thrid, so it is great we are getting to know her before she comes to our home to deliver Elliot. The videos were quite labour grafic, but it was good to see how women cope through the labour in so many different ways, and how the husbands help her to breathe and comfort her.

As for how the pregnancy is moving along... Sunday I got my first cramps, which lasted like ten seconds each, but it's a start. Then I was fine Monday and Tuesday. Then making supper yesturday I got a really long cramp which lasted till I was able to sit down and eat and drink and bottle of water 40 mins later. i started last Friday some little globual pills called caulophyllum that Jane gave me, so I have a feeling that is what is causing these cramps. I still don't know if Elliot has dropped or not, it doesn't look like it, but sometimes it really feels like it!

Other then pregnancy, Jonnie and me are doing fine. He is back into his own ice cream room at the factory, so he is back onto four day weeks 10 1/2 hour shifts. They are long days for him, but it is nice to have an extra day off. He had a problem with his back tooth on the right bottom side a couple of weeks ago. He endured the pain for a week and it wasn't getting better, so he went to the dentist to get it checked out. Ends up he has to get all four wisdom teeth pulled, because he doesn't have enough room for them on his jaw. So that will take place on the 21st of September. He will be sedated, and they said while he was under they would fill his cavities at the same time, so that is great! This would cost so much, but thankfully his job benefits will cover probly the whole thing. Prase the Lord for benefits!!!

I have a few things I have to get done after Elliot is born such as: eyes checked to get contacts and possibly new glasses, many teeth filled, and a chest xray for the governement papers. So his birth doesn't stop things from having to happen. Thankfully benefits will cover all those things for me too (except maybe the xray)! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hey, my lovies! xx

I know you have been sickish, and very tired from work, but I just thought I would post this to cheer ya up! I love you so much!!! xo xo xo (Hope you are feeling better soon)...