Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jonnie's work

Concerning Jonnie's job at Chapman's Icecream factory...
Since the factory burnt down on the 4th of September, many changes have come and gone with where and when Jonnie had to be at work. We all thought that the employees were going to get a few months off work till they rebuilt a new factory, but that was not to be. The employers quickly found an alturnative factory to work in. They also had other jobs that were needed to be looked after.
So they, thankfully, gave Jonnie a week at home with me and Elliot after the birth, but then quickly snatched him away again from us. They had him working for two weeks, six hours a day guarding their scrap metal from the burnt factory in a junk yard 20 minutes away. That was a little difficult, but at least we had my mom here to help out and keep us company, while Daddy(Jonnie) was gone.
But then the most unwanted happened... They decided to send Jonnie away for five days straight to a town two hours from here to work in the factory down there. That was a hard week, being by myself with a little one. We spent the week with Nia and Papa Ducommun though and that made it a lot easier. Then the next week he was sent away again only for four days, but was still very long for us. We decided to stay stick it out at home this time. And then he had to go away again. This time I couldn't handle it very well being home by myself and really noone to talk to. Jonnie and me got to talk for a couple hours on skype, but it just isn't the same, and I missed him so much.
This week, they got two lines set up in the dry warehouse in Markdale. (The dry warehouse is close to but far enough away from the old factory to not get touched by the fire.) So they have Jonnie working as helper again on one of the afternoon shifts. We are so thankfully to be able to have Daddy back home every night.
We will see how things progress over the next couple of weeks, but hopefully his time down at Stoney Creek is come to an end!

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